Notes for guidance of club secretaries

These notes are for guidance and should be used in conjunction with the League Rules.

Annual Subscriptions to be paid to the Hon Treasurer on or before 31st August or before the start of the North Berks League Season, whichever is earlier-Rule 2 (B).

All Fines and accounts to be paid to the Hon Treasurer within 14 days of the date of posting-Rule 5 ( I ).


The last date for player registration and transfers is 1st April-Rule 8 ( F ). All players to complete and sign a registration form, countersigned by an Officer of the Club (these forms to be retained by the Club Secretary and shall be made available to League Management Committee on request), Clubs to complete a registration by entering the players’ details on FA Full-Time and obtain approval from the Registration Secretary prior to playing. All Clubs to ensure that all players are Registered as ACTIVE on The FA Full Time System Should a Club have any doubt over player registration then please check with either the Registration System or FA Full Time before the playing the player-Rule 8 (B)

Before matches

Confirm the fixture and location of Ground to the appointed Referee-Rule 13 para 2.
Check colours for possible clash, home team to change if necessary-Rule 9 para 5.
Changing Accommodation to be open and ready thirty minutes before Kick-Off Rule 10 (B) para 3.
When a playing pitch is not enclosed with at least a post and rope barrier then a white line to be clearly marked behind the goals-Rule 10 (B)
Home Club to provide suitable flags for the Club Assistant Referees-Rule 13 ( C ).
Home Club to provide at least two suitable match-balls Rule 10 ( B ) para 15.

Home Team to supply the Match Result Sheet and complete all relevant details (in BLOCK CAPITALS), including players’ forenames and surnames including substitutes, and pass on to the opponents in adequate time for them to complete their details and return to the Home Team, the Home Team Official to ensure that it is fully completed and with the Referee at least 15 minutes prior to Kick-Off.

During matches

    Home Club to appoint a responsible Club Official for the security of the Changing Accommodation including ensuring that the area is securely locked during play.

After matches

Match Officials to be paid within 15 minutes of the end of the match-Rule 13 ( E ).
Each Club within 15 minutes of the completion of the Match collect the Match Result Sheet from
the referee. The sheets to be then exchanged between the Clubs for the goalscorers, substitute
players and the mark of the referee to be entered.

It is the responsibility of the Home Club that the Master Copy of the Match Result Sheet is fully
completed and forwarded via e-mail or by post to the Hon Registration Secretary. This must
be received by the Registration Secretary within two days (Sundays excluded) of the completed
match. Should a fixture be postponed the fully completed and signed Postponement Form must
be forwarded to the Hon Fixtures Secretary as per League Rules and Telephone Result procedure
carried out in the normal manner.

All Clubs to ensure match details are promptly entered on FA Full-Time System.

The Home Club is responsible to telephone the result of all matches to the designated League
Officer by 5 p.m. on a Saturday and within 75 minutes of the end of the match on other days,
information regarding the goalscorers first name and surnames in the match shall clearly be
recorded during this call. In outside Cup Competitions against non-North Berks Clubs the away
team must telephone in the match result.

Richard Underwood (Media Relations Officer)
Results Line: SMS Text 07710 659411 

The Home Club shall forward the fully completed Match Result Sheet to the Hon. Registration
Secretary. The fully completed Match Result Sheet must be received by the Hon. Registration
Secretary within two days (Sundays excluded) of the completed match. This can be e-mailed to
the Registration Secretary if desired. Club’s are also responsible for entering their match details
on Full Time. Should a fixture be postponed the fully completed Postponement Form must be
completed and forwarded to the Hon. Fixtures Secretary as per League Rules and Telephone
Result procedure followed in normal manner.

Guidance for marking of referees

The mark awarded by a club must be based on the referee's overall performance.  It is most important that the mark is awarded fairly and not based on isolated incidents or previous games.  The referee's performance should be determined by the table below which should act as a guide for the overall mark which should fall within the mark range for each standard of performance.

Mark Range



The referee was extremely accurate in decision making and very successfully controlled the game using management and communication skills to create an environment of fair play. Adding real value to the game.


The referee was very accurate in decision making and successfully controlled the game using management and communication skills to create an environment of fair play.


The referee was accurate in decision making and controlled the game well, communicating with the players, making a positive contribution towards fair play.


The referee was reasonably accurate in decision making, controlled the game quite well and communicated with players, establishing a reasonable degree of fair play.


The referee had some shortcomings in the level of accuracy of decision making and control with only limited success in communicating with the players resulting in variable fair play.

50 and below

The referee has significant shortcomings in the level of accuracy of decision making and control with poor communication with the players which resulted in low levels of fair play.


  • Using a scale of up to 100 allows greater flexibility for clubs to distinguish between different refereeing performances more accurately.
  • A mark within each mark range can be given to reflect the referee's performance e.g. a mark of 79 indicates a somewhat better performance than a mark of 71.
  • A mark of between 71 and 80 represents the standard of refereeing expected.
  • When a mark of 50 or less is awarded, an explanation must be provided to the League or Competition.  It must include comments which could help improve the referee's future performances.  Even where a referee has significant shortcomings there will have been some positive aspects which should be given credit; extremely low marks (below 20) should be very rare.

How to Decide on the Referee's Mark

The following questions focus on the key areas of a referee's performance.  They are intended as an "aide memoire", are not necessarily comprehensive and need not be answered individually.  It is, however, worth considering them before committing yourself to a mark for the referee.

Control & Decision Making

  • How well did the referee control the game?
  • Were the players' actions recognised correctly?
  • Were the laws applied correctly?
  • Were all incidents dealt with efficiently/effectively?
  • Were all the appropriate sanctions applied correctly?
  • Was the referee always within a reasonable distance of incidents?
  • Was the referee well positioned to make critical decisions, especially in and around the penalty area?
  • Did the referee understand the players' positional intentions and keep out of the way accordingly?
  • Did the referee demonstrate alertness and concentration throughout the game?
  • Did the referee apply the use of advantage to suit the mood and temperature of the game?
  • Was the referee aware of the players' attitude to advantage?
  • Did the referee use the assistants effectively?
  • Did the officials work as a team, and did the referee lead and manage them to the benefit of the game?

Communication & Player Management

  • How well did the referee communicate with the players during the game?
  • Did the referee's level of involvement/profile suit this particular game?
  • Did the referee understand the players' problems on the day – e.g. difficult ground/weather conditions?
  • Did the referee respond to the changing pattern of play/mood of players?
  • Did the referee demonstrate empathy for the game, allowing it to develop in accordance with the tempo of the game?
  • Was the referee pro-active in his/her controlling of the game?
  • Was the referee's authority asserted firmly without being officious?
  • Was the referee confident and quick thinking?
  • Did the referee appear unflustered and unhurried when making critical decisions?
  • Did the referee permit undue questioning of decisions?
  • Did the referee deal effectively with players crowding around after decisions/incidents?
  • Was effective player management in evidence?
  • Was the referee's body language confident and open at all times?
  • Did the pace of the game, the crowd or player pressure affect the referee negatively?

Final Thoughts

  • Always try to be objective when marking.  You may not obtain the most objective view by marking immediately after the game.
  • Judge the performance over the whole game.  Don't be too influenced by one particular incident.
  • Don't mark the referee down unfairly because your team was unlucky and lost the game or some disciplinary action was taken against your players.


        Answer all correspondence when directed.

        Only telephone North Berks League Officers between 6pm and 9pm when urgent advice or assistance is required.

First aid 

Clubs are encouraged to arrange for a responsible adult person to be in attendance at matches (in addition to players and club linesmen) to be able to act in the case of emergency e.g. serious injury.

Referee's fees 

The referee's fee, inclusive of travelling expenses, shall be £35.00.  The fee for Assistant Referees, when appointed shall be £29.00, inclusive of travelling expenses.  The home club shall pay the officials their fees within 15 minutes of the end of the match.  A club failing to comply shall be fined not exceeding £15.00.

In the event of a match not being played because of circumstances over which the Clubs have no control, the Match Officials, if present, shall be entitled to a fee of £17.00 for a Referee and £13.00 for an Assistant Referee.

Club linesman of the year (club assistant referee) 

An award is made annually to the Club Linesman who obtains the highest average mark in North Berks league matches.  Club Linesmen should ensure that the officiating Referee is made aware of his name so that an assessment of his performance can be made and passed to the Hon Referees Secretary, who will collate the marks to determine the eventual winner.  All Referees in all games should submit marks on their Match Report Cards.

The North Berks Football League Council fully supports the worthwhile scheme that encourages regular participation of Club Linesmen and undoubtedly increases the competency of individuals for the benefit of North Berks football in general.