Results Of Matches Played By Swiss Chalet A
The CastleAWon20-7
New CenturyHWon19-8
Duke of Edinburgh XAWon23-4
Rodbourne CheneyHLost9-18
High Street ClubALost2-25
Dolphin BHWon15-12
Duke of Edinburgh BALost2-25
Bakers L (Stratton)ALost12-15
The CastleHWon19-8
New CenturyAWon21-6
Duke of Edinburgh XHWon22-5
Rodbourne CheneyALost11-16
High Street ClubHLost7-20
Dolphin BAWon19-8
Duke of Edinburgh BHLost4-23
Bakers L (Stratton)HWon14-13