Results Of Matches Played By Fox & Hounds
Bees Knees BALost8-13
Even Swindon Club BHLost10-11
Bakers Arms DALost7-14
Duke Of EdinburghHLost8-13
The Old Bear AALost4-17
Eight Bells A, FairfordHWon13-8
Charrins BarALost7-14
Boundary HouseHWon14-7
Even Swindon Club BAWon11-10
Plough, Stratton, CirencesterHWon12-9
Bakers Arms DHLost9-12
Duke Of EdinburghALost7-14
The Old Bear AHLost5-16
Eight Bells A, FairfordALost9-12
Charrins BarHLost9-12
Boundary HouseALost6-15