Results Of Matches Played By Plough, Highworth
The Manor BALost6-15
Stratton ReformHLost7-14
Bakers Arms AAWon13-8
White Hart, CrickladeHWon16-5
Eight Bells B, FairfordHWon11-10
Swiss Chalet FHLost6-15
Eight Bells C, FairfordAWon15-6
New Inn BHWon15-6
Bakers Arms BHLost7-14
The Manor BHLost2-19
Stratton ReformALost7-14
Bakers Arms AHWon12-9
White Hart, CrickladeAWon14-7
Eight Bells B, FairfordALost10-11
Swiss Chalet FALost9-12
Eight Bells C, FairfordHLost9-12
New Inn BAWon11-10
Bakers Arms BALost4-17