Results Of Matches Played By Saracens Head A
Bees Knees AALost10-11
New Inn AHWon12-9
Tawny OwlAWon15-6
Even Swindon Club BALost10-11
Cycle Club Dixon StHWon14-7
Plough, Stratton, CirencesterAWon11-10
Bakers Arms CHLost9-12
The Manor AAWon11-10
Swiss Chalet AAWon11-10
Bees Knees AHWon11-10
New Inn AALost10-11
Tawny OwlHLost8-13
Swiss Chalet DAWon15-6
Even Swindon Club BHLost9-12
Plough, Stratton, CirencesterHLost7-14
Bakers Arms CALost9-12
The Manor AHWon14-7