Highest Check Outs

  Player Outshot Team League  
  Lee Evans 161 The Old Bear A A  
  Dale Pickett 160 Bakers Arms B B  
  matt davies 156 New Inn A B  
  Mick Davies 156 New Inn A B  
  Johnie Haines 155 Boundary House A  
  Dale Pickett 154 Bakers Arms B B  
  K Gleed 152 The Manor A B  
  S Emms 150 Bees Knees B A  
  Colin Walker 149 The Manor A B  
  Dave Bentley 148 The Old Bear B B  
  Andy Howe 145 The Runner B  
  K Richell 142 Even Swindon Club B A  
  John Newman 140 Bees Knees A B  
  Paul Cook 132 Charrins Bar A  
  B Watts 131 Duke Of Edinburgh A  
  John Newman 129 Bees Knees A B  
  R Walsh 124 Bees Knees A B  
  matt davies 122 New Inn A B  
  Carl Savory 122 Bakers Arms D A  
  Andy Reynolds 120 Bees Knees B A  
  R Walsh 116 Bees Knees A B  
  Carl Savory 115 Bakers Arms D A  
  Mick Davies 108 New Inn A B  
  R Walsh 108 Bees Knees A B  
  Colin Walker 105 The Manor A B  
  Chris Savvery 104 Fox & Hounds A  
  R Walsh 104 Bees Knees A B  
  Carl Savory 102 Bakers Arms D A  
  Colin Walker 100 The Manor A B